Podcast #26 – LAN Your ASS Off!

The boys discuss the QuakeCon date announcement and the new rule changes for the 2015 Casemod competition as well as the theme for this year’s Modders-Inc Staff-vs-Staff mod-off. The guys also talk about local LAN events across North America, upcoming games PC, Microsoft Windows 10 preview, Dewayne’s Quake Live! addiction, modding safety and the punchability of Bono’s Face.

Doom 3 Case Mod by CrimsonSky
Doom 3 Case Mod by Paul “CrimsonSky” Capello


Episode #26 Cast:

  • Craig Tate (host)
  • Tom Brokaw
  • Ron Perillo
  • Dewayne Carel
  • Joe Mercado
  • Al Shuryan


Episode Chapters:

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One Comment

  1. I’d be interested to know more about what happened at QuakeCon 2014 to provoke this change. While I’m not upset about it per say, I’m curious about it. Did someone place that after the fact you feel shouldn’t have?

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