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be quiet! adds motherboard compatibility checker on website

Top German PSU and CPU cooler manufacturer be quiet! has added a CPU cooler clearance checker for motherboards on their website. The new feature allows users to choose motherboards from both AMD and Intel, select the chipset and select the specific motherboard. be quiet! has eight Intel chipsets and seven AMD chipset motherboards listed so there are currently hundreds to choose from on the site. It even includes defunct motherboard manufacturers such as Abit and DFI who used to offer LGA775 motherboard. The utility is fairly simple to understand as it just marks the CPU cooler with a green checkmark for compatibility and a red X if incompatible and provides a link to the full dimension measurements of each cooler for specific clearance checking for various RAM module height clearances.


For now, the utility seems to be made for checking RAM clearance for be quiet! coolers but hopefully in the future, be quiet! can add PCI-E clearance as well.  To check whether your motherboard is RAM clearance-compatible with a specific be quiet! cooler, you can try out the motherboard compatibility checker here:





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