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Raidmax Viper GX Midi Tower Review

People on a tight budget may not pay much attention when looking for a PC case but gamers, enthusiasts, overclockers and professionals alike tend to spend countless hours online checking reviews and specifications sheets before they finalize their decision. Ever since the beginning of the 90’s when i first started working with personal computers i have used and tested countless towers from entry level budget models and up to ultra-high end ones that cost almost as much as a complete system. However at the end of the day although all of those were designed by a very large list of manufacturers in the market i can’t really say that I’ve had the pleasure of cooperating with every single one. Raidmax is amongst the oldest PC Case manufacturers around and although not a complete stranger to me this is the first time after many years that i have one of their latest midi towers called the Viper GX on the photo bench.

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