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Sound Blaster X-FI XtremeMusic

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The Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeMusic harnesses the full power of the Creative X-Fi Xtreme Fidelity audio processor to upgrade any existing library of MP3 files to the Xtreme Fidelity audio standard. With the X-Fi 24-bit Crystallizer, MP3 music and movies are converted to Xtreme Fidelity, making them sound even better than they do on their original CD or DVD recording. The included Creative MediaSource 3 allows users to SuperRip all their digital music permanently to Xtreme Fidelity and also users to upgrade their music content with access to X-Fi CMSS-3D, Smart Cross-Fade and Smart Volume Management.


First Impression

    I received a press package which looks nothing like the retail box sold in stores.  So I can’t give you a real idea of the packaging.  I will say however that when I pulled out the X-FI Xtreme music card I was impressed with the overall look of the card.  Its all black glossy PCB and gold I/O connectors looked very nice.  The enormous amount of capacitors and circuitry on the surface is also impressive.  There are several pin connectors on the board that are for Upgrade Options of the higher versions additional accessories. 

    The back has 4 small 1/8″ jacks.  The top jack is called a  flexijack and performs a 3-in-1 function: Digital Line In / Line In / Microphone. The bottom 3 are outputs for Front, Rear and Center/Sub Speakers.  There is also a port that looks like a gaming port but which is labeled “AD-Link”.  The “AD-LINK” connection is another Upgrade Option that connects to the back of the Breakout Box that only comes with the  X-Fi Elite Pro.  

**Breakout box is only included with the X-Fi Elite Pro**


Article Index: >>    Page 2 »

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