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SSDs bracing for strong sales in 2014, says Transcend top executive

SSD (solid state drive) sales are expected to enjoy strong growth in 2014 thanks to falling NAND flash prices, according to Peter Shu, chairman of memory module maker Transcend Information.

Prices of SSDs are expected to decline another 20-30% in 2014 after falling 30% in the previous year, Shu observed, adding that demand for 256GB SSDs will surge if their average price falls to below US$100.

Transcend has ramped up its SSD shipments to 100,000 units a month, with industrial and consumer models each accounting for 50% of total shipments, Shu said.

Transcend will also see its share in the global flash memory card and flash drive segments continue to expand in 2014 as a number of small-scale operators have withdrawn from the market, Shu noted.

DRAM and NAND flash prices will continue to fall at a slow pace quarter on quarter in 2014 due to oversupply, Shu commented.

via SSDs bracing for strong sales in 2014, says Transcend top executive.

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