Lessons of Paint

Dupli-Color Metal Specks Paint Review

Dupli-Color Metal Specks is an easy to use product that gives a subtle, attractive finish. This product deposits a semi-translucent…

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News, Hardware, Software

NVIDIA GTX 980 Ti Review Round-Up

The biggest news in gaming announced at Computex so far has been NVIDIA’s launch of the GTX 980 Ti at…

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Affiliate News

GeForce GTX 960 Article Round Up

With its new architecture the GeForce GTX 960 consumes less power than any prior generation of GeForce graphics while still…

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PC Cases / Accessories

IN WIN GRone Full Tower Computer Case

   We will be reviewing the IN WIN GRone Full Tower Computer Case, the GRone (or GR1 for short) is IN WIN’s…

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