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The Wells Fargo Stage Coach by MPC #CMCASEMOD2016

Casemods come in various shapes and sizes. That is why seeing one always manages to surprise in some way because there’s a creative soul behind each one. While not all may understand the reason or the drive to create the mod, the passion poured in by the modder nonetheless, is undeniable. Modder MPC from Italy has chosen to recreate a smaller scale of a Wells Fargo Stage Coach from 1880 and that is certainly something that stands out because most entrants for this event choose to take inspiration from modern and even futuristic design ideas.

Wells Fargo Stage Coach by MPC

Words from the modder:

The project of “The Stage Coach” was born from the passion in designing, building and from the experience in the processing of various materials as aluminum, brass and wood.


“The Stage Coach” is a real reproduction of the 1880 stage coach. For a higher strength its frame is all aluminum with a treated wood covering. It has handmade beige leather seats and the buttons are covered with the same leather.

Wells Fargo Stage Coach by MPC

The very important peculiarity is the roof that opens to 90° with a linear actuator powered by an electric switch. Therefore we have a larger space for maintenance.

The motherboard is fixed on a black plexiglass sheet that is fixed on bushings positioned on two aluminum tubulars. The PSU is located in the back of the coach – the trunk – that is covered by black leather. The SSD are located behind the plexiglass sheet.


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