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Suchao Prowphong of Thailand Crowned Thermaltake’s First Modding Fighting Champion

Suchao Prowphong's Deathrace casemod

Thermaltake wanted a larger case modding event for 2016 and ran a dual casemod invitational, the winners of which have finally been announced.  Crowned to be the first Thermaltake “champion of champions” after going head-to-head with top Filipino case modder Jesse Palacio, is Suchao Prowphong of Thailand. I don’t know if there is an actual crown, but first place winner gets $3,000 USD cash so its still great news. Suchao Prophong was also the first to win Thermaltake’s first invitational series last year and Jesse Palacio won the second season. For the MFC match, both modders faced off building in a Thermaltake Core WP100 Super Tower Chassis.

Thermaltake TT Premium Core WP100 Super Tower Chassis

Jesse chose a construction equipment themed build, specifically around Caterpillar construction equipments and he dubbed it the SCAVENGER:


You can follow Jesse’s worklog on the Thermaltake forums to see how this casemod was built: http://community.thermaltake.com/index.php?/topic/43335-philippines-jesse-palacio/

Suchao on the other hand, chose to do a Deathrace themed build, specifically following the styling of a Ford Mustang. Suchao won the first Thermaltake casemod event building a Fast and Furious car-themed build as well so this is familiar territory for him:

You can follow Suchao’s worklog on the Thermaltake forums to see how this casemod was built: http://community.thermaltake.com/index.php?/topic/43334-thailand-suchao-prowphong/

Congratulations to Suchao and much deserved praise for Jesse as well for the effort. These two top modders represent perfectly both Thailand and the Philippines as a spawning ground and hot bed of talented and creative modders, where we will surely see some more great case mods come out of in the future.



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