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Thermaltake Water 3.0 Pro Liquid CPU Cooling System Review

Overclockers, enthusiasts and gamers are perhaps the 3 main groups of people who put performance above everything else including money and noise levels so it’s really no surprise that their choices include high airflow towers and hardware components with excellent performance yet very high power consumption and noise levels. Not everyone however is a fan of noise and that’s why many people either turn towards passive CPU Cooling solutions (for example the HR22) or towards AIO Liquid CPU Coolers that can do a very good job at keeping the CPU Cool without the need of high airflow levels inside the tower. Roughly two years ago Thermaltake released the Water 2.0 line of AIO Liquid CPU Coolers which did a great job competing with the similar solutions released by Antec and Corsair so it was only a matter of time before Thermaltake took that line back to the drawing board and improve it as much as possible. Today we will be taking a look at the Water 3.0 Pro AIO Liquid Cooling Solution which aims to dominate the single 120mm AIO market.

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