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Tritton AX51 Gaming Headset (TRIAI-712)

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Back in Sept of 07 I had a chance to look at Tritton’s USB AXPC headset. We are going to be taking a look at the Tritton AX51 Gaming Headset which are a true 5.1 surround sound headset. The AXPC’s performed really well for my liking, and have been in use since back in Sept. They actually took the place of my Sennheiser HD280 Pro’s on the main rig, up until the day I decided to go Vista. We will be seeing how the AX51’s work out this time. Will they offer the same sound quality that I had seen in the AXPC’s? Read on to find out.

Tritton AX51 Gaming Headset (TRIAI-712) (TRIAI-712), AX51, Gaming, Headset, Tritton 1

Sponsor: Tritton Technologies


First Impression

Finding the right headset for your gaming needs is a rather tough task. Just think how hard it would be to create the right headset for the majority of gamers. Each person has their own likes and dislikes about headsets. Finding one with the right amount of highs, lows, and mids is just the starting point. If you find the ideal sounding headset and it’s too heavy, or uncomfortable to wear, you’re back at square one.After recently making the commitment to switch over to Vista 100%, I quickly found out that Vista and the Tritton AXPC headset weren’t going to play nice with each other. I started running into constant USB issues, which I finally decided has to be the result of driver or motherboard issues. To make a long story short, I ended up having to make a decision. Either I was going to switch back to XP for the gaming system, or I was going to have to find another headset to use on it.


All of which brings us to this review of the Tritton AX51 True 5.1 surround sound gaming headset. Like its brother, the AX51 headset looks almost identical other than the obvious color change and connectors. The Tritton AX51 uses 8 speakers to deliver precise sound positioning, which will give gamers the edge against the non-5.1 gamers.

Tritton AX51 Gaming Headset (TRIAI-712) (TRIAI-712), AX51, Gaming, Headset, Tritton 2

The Tritton AX51 Gaming Headset comes encased in a clear blister package that allows the consumer to see the actual headset and the volume control box. With the bright Metallic Green color popping out at you, it’s sure to catch your attention while its sitting on the shelf.
Tritton AX51 Gaming Headset (TRIAI-712) (TRIAI-712), AX51, Gaming, Headset, Tritton 3
Flipping the package over, we will find a full list of the features and specifications of the AX51 headset. All though it’s uncommon, it would be nice to find a set on display at a local retail store where you could test them before purchasing. Like most people though, we are resorting more and more to the online purchases.
Tritton AX51 Gaming Headset (TRIAI-712) (TRIAI-712), AX51, Gaming, Headset, Tritton 4
Pulling the Tritton AX51 Gaming Headset out of the package, we will see that there are several plugs at the end of the cable, along with a removable microphone, a power supply, and a nice little carrying bag. Now some of you might recall me commenting about how when I first had seen the AXPC’s, I told the rep (Mike) that I had the perfect case to test them on. Well would you believe that I can say that again? Although I didn’t actually plan this out, the Green on the AX51’s does go fairly well with my current mod, Green Flame. See for yourself.
Tritton AX51 Gaming Headset (TRIAI-712) (TRIAI-712), AX51, Gaming, Headset, Tritton 5

It’s not a perfect match, but it’s pretty damn close for not trying. And before anyone asks… No I am not intentionally painting my mods the same colors as Tritton’s Headsets. I guess I’m just lucky I can find headsets that come close to matching my mods. Not that the color is the deciding factor when I go shopping for a headset.




  • True 5.1 surround sound
  • 8 speakers, 4 in each ear cup
  • In-line sound field adjustments with master mute and mi mute
  • Removable flex microphone allows for optimum in-game chat
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort and quality to last for extended periods of time
  • Comfort padded head rail and ear cups provide lasting comfort and durability
  • No software or drivers required Requires 5.1 sound card

  • Speakers:
    • Front: 2x 40mm Dia
    • Rear(surround): 2x 30mm Dia
    • Center: 2x 30mm Dia
    • Subwoofer: 2x 30mm Dia
  • Frequency Response:
    • Front/Center/Rear speakers 20- 20KHZ
    • Subwoofer: 20- 120KHZ
  • Microphone:
    • THD(%): 0.03
    • SNR(dB/V): 110
  • Cable Length: 12.5 Feet
  • Connecting Hardware: 4x 3.5mm (1/8″) Analog Jacks
  • Weight:
    • Headset Only: 12oz
    • Package Weight: 2lbs 3oz

  • Sound device with 2 or 5.1 channel ourput, i.e. Sound card, Audio Receiver, MP3 Player
  • AC Power Outlet

  • AC Power Supply
  • Quick Start Guide
  • AX51 Headset
  • Removable Microphone
  • Carrying Case

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