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For me, new technology is exciting. While SSDs are not “new” the mSATA form factor is relatively new. For motherboards that support mSATA gone is the need for a traditional style hard drives. The drive will mount directly to the board. This opens a whole lot of options for small form factor PCs, laptops, ultrabooks and modders. However, the new form factor is worthless if it is not on par performance wise with the older technology. The ADATA XPG SX300 performs extremely well and can either meet or exceed the performance in our comparison against the Kingston HyperX 3K SSD. From the specifications on Kingston’s website, the drive uses the same flash controller as the ADATA XPG SX300, although there has been some issues lately with specifications vastly differing from what is actually installed.
Upgrading to an SSD is a worth while investment. The superior transfer rate and access time shoots them to the top of the list. An SSD can breath new life into an aging PC.

While I think that 120 Gb is getting a little small for an operating system drive, it is still a viable option and I would happily recommend the ADATA XPG SX300 to anyone looking to install a mSATA drive into their system.

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