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Zalman VF3000N NVIDIA GPU Cooler

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Final Thoughts and Rating

Zalman VF3000N NVIDIA GPU Cooler GPU Cooler, Zalman 1

After taking a long look and testing of Zalman VF3000N Video Card Cooler I will have to say that I am quite pleased with the way the cooler performed. It was able to handle all the heat that I could throw at it rather easily without any troubles. The noise level coming from the cooler does appear to be much less than the stock cooler and light weight is a huge plus in my book. On a personal note I am not a big fan of the “stick on” heatsinks, never have and never will, but they did seem to work well. My biggest fear is that during a move that one or more might fall off and create havoc when I go to start up the PC- but this is just my paranoia. For looks and performance well above the stock cooler I will have to give the Zalman VF3000N a huge thumbs up! 




+ Performed much better than stock
+ Heat pipe cooler
+ Lighter than stock cooler
+ Style
+ Less noise

– A lot of “Stick on” heat sinks
– No auto fan control
– Control must be outside of case for easy access

Modders-Inc Hardware Score

Zalman VF3000N NVIDIA GPU Cooler GPU Cooler, Zalman 2


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