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DropCam Wireless IP Camera


Logging into the Dropcam website will show you the cameras that have been associated with your account. You can have multiple dropcams in your account. The software works well and detects movement events which are tagged and can be viewed at a later time. Initially, you will have a free two week premium account which will allow you access to Dropcams DVR service. There are two levels of premium services, one that allows 7 days of recording and the other allows 30 days of recordings.
The dropcam wireless IP camera is managed by the setting button on the video interface. You can turn off the camera, turn off the mic, turn off or on sound events and connect it to another wireless network.

There are also apps for both Android and iPhone available from the respective app stores. Launch the app and log-in with your account. You will be presented with the cameras that are activated on your account.

I have blurred out my personal information as well as the video information however Dropcam has plenty of demo cameras for public viewing found at this link

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