H-Lock Window Trim

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An H-Lock framed window is beautiful. This is a very time intensive project to get right but with the stunning results, this mod is well worth all the effort. With this How-To we hope that we can help make this mod a little easier for you.


     To start a window with this trim it takes a little "guess-ta-mating". A 13"x13" window may take almost 5' of trim. After drawing out the shape you want measure the sides. Add that up and add 4.75" for each of the corners, if you are using a CD. For Other shaped corners you can use this formula to help get your corner trim measurement radius + radius x PI / 4. Oversize your plexiglass too, so you have extra room to mark and cut it to fit.

H-lock Trim parts

Cutting the Panel window

     Draw out your window and then round out the corners. Using masking tape to draw on can make it easy to correct any mistakes you may make or if you change your mind in the middle of the layout you can do so.

Layout of window with the corners rounded

Arc made by tracing a CD


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