Origin Genesis PC Chassis Review – Part 2


A few months back we brought you Part 1 of the Origin Genesis PC chassis. Part one is mainly an overview of the chassis while part 2 details the installation of the hardware. I approached the installation as if the Origin Genesis was a mass ...

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Tesoro Lobera Spectrum Review: Gaming in Style


What makes a keyboard a “gaming” type does not always come down to features that are necessarily useful while playing. Although not exclusive to gaming keyboards, aggressive designs, mechanical switches, and backlit keys compliment the gamer aesthetic and thus have become closely associated with what ...

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MSI Launches PRO MOD Online Competition


MSI has announced their own PRO MOD online casemod competition with a $1400 total prize value for the top three winners. Prizes are sponsored by MSI of course with the help of Kingston HyperX and Thermaltake/Tt eSports.  This is an online competition that accepts entries ...

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MSI launches 3 Braswell based ECO motherboards


Motherboard manufacturer MSI expands their ECO-brand lineup with the addition of three new Intel Braswell based mini-ITX products, the first of its kind. The MSI N3050I ECO, N3150I ECO and N3700I ECO all have a 14nm Intel Braswell processors embedded capable of rich multimedia playback ...

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Lacie Releases Rugged Thunderbolt 1TB SSD

Rugged_use case_outdoor

Elegant looking yet now, rugged and able to withstand much more than a typical mobile storage device, the LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt SSD is available in a 1TB SSD capacity with speeds of up to 387 MB/s via Thunderbolt connectivity. The LaCie rugged is MIL-compliant protecting ...

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