Google Unveils Updated Chromecast Device


Google’s massively popular Chromecast with over 20 million sold finally gets an updated version. The new version has 5GHz 802.11AC WiFi capability for improved streaming speed, will carry the same price tag as the original ($35 USD), has a slightly larger body (now rounded) and …

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E-Blue Mazer K727 Mechanical Keyboard Review


Keyboards are probably one of the most produced products in the PC market today, with over 17,500 different models (based on stock at Newegg). And with so many features like back-lighting, LCD screens, dedicated media, and programmable macro keys built into today’s keyboards, you can …

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Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX Review


Phanteks has very quickly cemented their place as one of the preferred chassis manufactures among the PC enthusiast community. In last year’s Mod24, Lee Harrington of “PCjunkie Mods” and Ron Lee Christianson of “Blue Horse Studios” used the Enthoo Luxe to create a Call of …

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