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Modders Spotlight: Alberto Santos Soares “Tankian the Man” & TankianDesk


Modders Spotlight: Alberto Santos Soares “Tankian the Man” & TankianDesk Alberto Santos Soares, Cooler Master, desk, RGB LED Strips, Tankian The Man, TankianDesk 1Anyone can be a Modder. If you have the need to make something custom then you have the ability just like Alberto Santos Soares “Tankian the Man”. Alberto is no stranger to custom projects as he has completed many custom case build and miscellaneous projects. This time he shows off his newest creation, TankianDesk. We have spoken with Alberto about his custom/scratch desk and he agreed to have an interview with us.

MI: How long have you been Modding?

Alberto: For the past 7/8 years.


MI: Do you have a specific area of interest when it comes to mods? (Water cooling loops, cases, radiators, etc)?

Alberto: The thing I like the most is the building phase, when I’m at the workshop shaping the basic lines of a project, in that moment is when I get even more motivated to continue, it’s when the transition from a 3D Model comes to reality.


MI: What inspired you to do a scratch build of TankianDesk project?

Alberto: That is a funny thing to answer, I’ve been thinking in a Desk PC almost since I stared to mod. My brother always said that I should do a desk, but I always said to him that without 2 computers it was impossible I always moving with my rig almost every weekend.
In the end of 2017 I manage to get a second computer sponsored by Cooler Master for my Half in Half mod and in March of this year a friend of mine started his own desk. His first project, and asked me for help. Of course I had to help him.
So basically the more I help him the more interest I start to gain to make mine and after a couple weeks I had to start mine, I had to many ideas floating in my head. Hahaha


MI: From videos and images it looks like the whole project is rather heavy. What would you say entire assembled table weigh?

Alberto: Well its definitely not light, but I think it’s acceptable. To be honest I can’t give you a number, but I have moved it with my father without the glass and the monitors and it was “OK” Hahahah
I always like to do solid things!


MI: A lot of thought and work went in to this project, anything you would consider changing now that the project is complete?

Alberto: If I had the possibility to change something is the cable management below the components, I’ve made the holding points too big for the false bottom and was a bit “tricky” to move all the cables.


MI: We see here that you have used a soft tubing for your water cooling loop. What was the reasoning behind that?

Alberto: When I started this project I didn’t had any sponsor but I knew that probably Cooler Master Portugal could help, but I didn’t knew how much. So I set a budget for the entire project and without any confirmation for sponsor, I had to re-use parts that I already had, all of them for soft tube, so I started to orders parts to complete the ones I already had for soft tube.

Only in the middle of June, and after I order all the soft tube parts Cooler Master International and Cooler Master Portugal manage to give me a final answer about their help in the project.  So they sent me 2x Cooler Master Maker 240MM kit but at that time I couldn’t afford to re-buy everything again, so I had to stick with the soft tube to be able to finish it for Case Mod World Series dead line, 15 July.


MI: RGB LED’s look exceptionally well in your build. Do you have any recommendations for other Modders when it comes to RGB LED strips?

Alberto: One thing I like to have is different type of lights at the same time, being able to cross colors and create different combinations, making your build look different every time you look at it.

MI: Are you planning or have another project in mind for the near future?

Alberto: To be honest it’s something I’ve been waiting to decide, I guess that will depend in how much this project can elevate my work. Here in Portugal it’s really hard to get help from brands and right now the only brand helping is Cooler Master, and I’ve been around for 7/8 years…
If you ask me if I would like to continue with this passion? Of course I love this, I love to share my work truth the videos, I love to be in touch with everyone that follow my work and most important I like to help everyone that ask me for help. It’s really cool to see people getting inspire by the things that I do!


MI: Do you have a website/channel you would like to promote?

Alberto: Yes, I have a Youtube channel called: Tankian the Man – link here

A Facebook page:

Instagram page:

TankianDesk build log can be found right here in our forums – link

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