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ADATA Unveils a Full Range of Wirelessly Controlled RGB LED Lighting (PR)

ADATA Lighting, the lighting division of ADATA Technology, will unveil new and exciting products from June 9th to June 12th in the world’s largest lighting & LED exhibition – the 2015 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition – at Booth 10.2/C29. ADATA is pleased to show its full line of lighting products, including an RGB bulb that can be controlled wirelessly by smartphone or tablet. Also see the latest in RGB strip lighting, RGB-controlled exterior lighting, wirelessly controlled intelligent panel lights, landscape lights, underground lighting, spot lights, and other outdoor lighting. ADATA’s R&D developments, manufacturing, and marketing efforts signify many years of commitment to strengthening its presence in China’s vast LED lighting market.


Intelligent, Wireless Lighting Control for the China Market

According to LEDinside’s report “2015 Global LED Lighting Market Trends,” the Chinese market will account for 21 percent of the world’s LED lighting market share in 2015, thus ranking China as the world’s overall second largest LED opportunity. After extensive investment in R&D and manufacturing facilities in the mainland, ADATA is already a well established LED lighting brand in China. ADATA has innovated on wirelessly controlled Bluetooth lights with products such as the AURA RGB Bulb, RGB strip light, app-controlled LED panel lighting, and downlights.


Unique RGB LED Bulb

With ADATA’s free downloadable app, users can configure ADATA’s AURA RGB bulb to display over 16 million different colors and link groups of up to 64 different bulbs via Bluetooth 4.0 Mesh technology. The AURA RGB bulb gives home and small business owners millions of selectable colors while being able to adjust warmth and brightness over a distance of nearly 2000 meters! Easily use a smartphone or tablet to control AURA LED RGB bulbs without needing to buy an expensive bridge or router (as with other RGB bulb providers). The same app can also wirelessly control RGB strips, panels, and downlights.

New Line of Commercial Exterior LED Lighting

ADATA will debut its new line of commercial and building RGB exterior lighting, including its LED wall washer light, linear wall washer, contour lights, as well as flood lights for building facades, ad signs, parks, monuments and venues requiring LED highlighting for artistic effect. ADATA’s outdoor LED lighting can easily render the full range of literally millions of colors available through RGB lighting technology, as well as adjust its lighting angle to create desired lighting effects. Proven by the stringent IP65 waterproof rating, ADATA’s rugged outdoor LED lighting can withstand long-term outdoor exposure to the sun and rain without affecting its performance.


In addition to investing in RGB exterior and building lighting, ADATA is also betting on the development of eco-friendly interior LED lighting. ADATA’s interior lighting for home and business do not emit harmful UV and infrared rays, and feature designs free of lead, mercury and other toxins. Complemented by professional optics and unique one-piece thermally efficient designs, ADATA’s highly reliable and durable LED lights can be used for street and projection lighting, high bay lighting, gas station illumination, tunnel lighting, warning lights, and many other outdoor LED applications. Easily customize ADATA LED lighting for your specialized needs. For gardens, lawns and parks, ADATA likewise offers buried lights and upwardly facing LED spot lighting.

ADATA Lighting at the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

Date: 2015.06.09-06.12
Booth Location: Hall 10.2
Booth Number: C29

About ADATA Lighting


ADATA Lighting is a subsidiary of ADATA Technology that focuses on LED lighting products. In addition to offering customers high-quality, eco-friendly, economical, and safe LED lighting products, the company also offers development-related OEM/ODM services. Utilizing a professional R & D team, advanced optical core technology, a full range of quality certifications, and modern certification & testing equipment, ADATA Lighting provides complete lighting systems and services. The company has established a sophisticated manufacturing facility that encompasses a research and development center, as well as an improved global customer service center aimed at providing customers around the world with the best in LED lighting technology. For more information, please visit our official website: www.adatalighting.com.


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