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ADATA XPG SX930 240GB SATA SSD Drive Review: Value Beyond Speed

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Final Thoughts

The ADATA SX930 sits in a good position right now with the 480GB model available on Amazon for $149 and the 240GB model reviewed is only at $79. Unlike many budget oriented SSDs, the ADATA SX930 managed to retain respectable performance even when filled. This is performance that is very good even closely comparable to more expensive SATA models, but that is because the XPG SX930 was introduced as a mainstream segment drive for gamers but is now enjoying a very competitive product pricing because SSD’s in general are continually becoming affordable and the gap between budget and mainstream, decreasing. This gap is often within $20 so naturally, the originally mainstream positioned products are favored. It is not within the absolute top-end SATA performance, but considering the price, it is worthy competition.


The ADATA XPG SX930 also manages to offer a leg up on its closest competitors in terms of added value with a 5-year warranty and a full-kit including migration and management software.  This is an extra peace of mind that many users will be glad to have considering the market is very competitive with plenty of options to choose from. At $79.99 on Amazon currently, the XPG SX930 has considerable lead over something like the Crucial BX100 250GB (currently at $109.99 on Amazon), which used to offer superior value and performance before the XPG SX930 240GB’s price drop appealing to the budget oriented and practical minded.

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