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Alphacool Extends Modding-oriented Solutions @ Computex 2017

Alphacool Extends Modding-oriented Solutions @ Computex 2017

German Liquid cooling manufacturer Alphacool has plenty of cooling-related items at their Computex 2017 booth. However, it is the modding-oriented solutions which grabs the attention. Alphacool is very friendly to enthusiasts when it comes to customizations, even offering expandability for their AIOs. The new products on display at Computex provide modders with some interesting tools and solutions that they can easily incorporate into their builds.

Premium Sleeve with Eiskamm Cable Combs

Alphacool Extends Modding-oriented Solutions @ Computex 2017

While not a cooling-solution, PSU cable sleeves are an integral part of a professional-looking casemod. Alphacool offers multi-colored pre-sleeved varieties that is made of high-quality material. Each sleeve uses a heatshrink-less method, producing a clean terminal.

Up to thirty color options will be available, although twelve color options are available now. Alphacool is also including their Eiskamm cable combs so that the sleeved wires look clean and organized when installed. Each Eiskamm cable comb is milled from aluminum. It is also available in a variety of powder-coated colors, suitable for 16AWG and 18AWG wires. It is also compatible with UL3239, UL1015, UL1007, 3135 cables.

Eiskoffer Professional Bending Kit

Alphacool Extends Modding-oriented Solutions @ Computex 2017

Alphacool offers a variety of Eisrohr PETG hardtube solutions for modders to use on their custom builds. The new Eiskoffer professional kit however, is designed to make hardtube bending even easier. The kit comes in a massive, aluminum-reinforced suitcase with padded interior. The kit includes:

  • 22 toolings for 2D and 3D bending radii
  • aluminum measuring kit with angle measurement
  • Steel plate for easy bending
  • Saw from hardened steel
  • Mounting gloves
  • 12 and 10mm silicon bending inserts

Eisbecher Helix Reservoir

Alphacool Extends Modding-oriented Solutions @ Computex 2017

The new Eisbecher Helix reservoir are lovely showpiece additions to any custom loop. It is also available in a variety of colors; not just in terms of the tube inside, but the casing as well. The items on display are all 250mm units, but hopefully Alphacool releases other sizes as well.

Aurora LED Series

Alphacool Extends Modding-oriented Solutions @ Computex 2017

In addition to the multi-colored reservoir and sleeving solutions, Alphacool also has the latest addition to their Aurora LED series. The initial Aurora LEDs were 60mm LED ring light add-ons for reservoirs, but there are now HardTube LED ring options. This product is called Aurora HT, outfitted with 6 circumferential LEDs available in green, blue, white, red or UV. It basically slides in a either a 13mm or 16mm hardtube, and backlights the coolant inside. It can be moved along and repositioned on a straight line on tube. The 13mm version has a 20mm outer diameter, while the 16mm ring has a 24mm outer diameter. It uses a sleeved 3-pin fan header connector for power. Due to its compact size, Alphacool says they have no plans to release an RGB version. It is already available via Alphacool’s website for €7.95 for the 13mm and €8.95 for the 16mm version.

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