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Antec DA601 Dark Avenger Case

Antec DA601 Dark Avenger Case

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Hardware Installation

As mentioned above, the DA601 has ample room inside for whatever components you prefer. This particular case doesn’t have a front-drive cage which gives you more room for customization. As highlighted below there is plenty of room for drive configurations as well. You can fit 5 SSD drives and 2 3.5″ drives (or 2 more SSD). with 374.65mm of space for your GPU, you can fit those big boys in there.

The Da601 comes preinstalled with a rear 120mm fan and supports up to a 120mm radiator. The front of the case comes preinstalled with 1 Prizm 120mm ARGB fan but has room for 2 more and will support a radiator up to 360mm. The top of the case can house 3 120mm or 2 140mm fans and up to a 360mm radiator giving you several options for water cooling placement,

Putting the system together inside the DA601 was easy and quick. I am new to gaming rigs and RGB in particular but I found that everything was well labeled which made the journey much easier. Since there was ample room and the case layout is well done, I was able to fit everything in quickly and without issue. Everything installs with the standard Phillips screws so you just need minimal tools if you are just getting into PC building.


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