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BIOSTAR Announces Ultimate Mining and Gaming Solutions

RADEON RX VEGA 56 and RACING B350 Series

BIOSTAR recently released the RADEON RX VEGA 56, which is a must-have for miners with the ability to crank out crazy hash rates for mining, while gamers can expect high performance graphics processor power with the same graphics card. Combined with the BIOSTAR RACING B350 series, which continues to be popular amongst gamers with its price-performance and gaming features, these make up for a great solution for mining during the day and gaming at night.



The Vega 56 has hash rate/power draw ratio that puts it in a class by its own, surpassing that of the RX480, which was previously the graphics card of choice for mining. With the hype surrounding its mining capabilities, lets not forget that Vega 56 is a top-of-the-line graphics card that includes 56 compute units, 21/10.5 TFLOPS with 8GB of 2048-bit High Bandwidth Memory (HBM2) for performance gaming that gives you the best graphics possible.



The BIOSTAR RACING B350 series come in different form factors (ATX, micro-ATX, mini-ITX) for different sizes of gaming builds. The B350 series is featured packed with: FLY.NET, DRAGON Gaming LAN, 5050 LED FUN ZONE, VIVID LED DJ and HDMI 4K2K support to boost the gaming experience. It doesn’t end there, as it is ultra durable thanks to the Moistureproof PCB and Low RdsOn P-Pak MOS.


Maximize Mining by adding BIOSTAR Crypto Mining Card

To take advantage of the mining power of the BIOSTAR RADEON RX VEGA 56 and BIOSTAR RACING B350 or any other BIOSTAR RACING AM4 boards, simply update the BIOS with the following steps:

  1. Advanced (Name of the option in the BIOS) => PCI subsystem setting =>Above 4G Decoding Set to enable
  2. Advanced (Name of the option in the BIOS) => CSM configuration => CSM support Set to disable
  3. Chipset (Name of the option in the BIOS) => North bridge => GFX Configuration => PSPP policy Set to Balanced-Low


The BIOSTAR RADEON RX VEGA 56 is without a doubt, versatile with no compromise on performance graphics card. Combined with the BIOSTAR RACING B350 series, which is popular in the gaming market for its exceptional price-performance and gaming features. Plus the Crypto Mining Card allows anyone to expand what they can do with their existing system without needing for a complete upgrade to catch the mining craze. BIOSTAR has the ultimate mining and gaming solution all together.

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