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Case Modding, One Man’s Journey and Thoughts

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So why the rise again… it is just its time to do so. Most of the negative people dropped out of the scene than those of use that enjoyed doing it stayed with and helped maintain the hobby by helping each other out. Plus the fact that all the stupid news that the desktop PC is on its way out I think readjust the thoughts and focus about them. I mean really do you think that Intel and AMD would give up on a huge market and put the likes of a few dozen or more hardware manufactures out of business… uh no. Either way it is great for our hobby to see it get some sunshine again. So where will it be in a few years, well my friends I will have to say I have no idea. I will say that you, me and everyone else has the ability to drive our hobby in the right directions and keep it alive and well for many years to come. All we have to do is play nice with each other. Return to the forums where all the magic really happens with case modding. There you get to see the whole process of how a case mod was created. This also where we help each other learn new skills by showing what we did. Reply to questions when someone ask for help; it is not like you are giving away top secret information. It is your help that can teach this person and others to come something new. You get to experience the failures and successes of the persons adventuress journey through the great hobby we call Case Modding.


And with my final words I say… have fun, VOID your Warranty and Cut it, Paint it, Mod it!




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