Cherry MX Board 6.0 Keyboard Review: A Most Comfortable Tank

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A Closer Look at the Cherry MX Board 6.0 Keyboard

The Cherry MX Board 6.0 uses 100% full ANSI 104-key design with four additional keys above the numpad. The key cap sizes use a standard 1.25x bottom row so finding custom keycaps is not going to be an issue compared to other Cherry MX keyboards using alternative keycap sizes. As is typical of many gaming keyboards, the right Windows key has been replaced with an FN key that allows for special features to be performed when used in combination with another key.

The keyboard is fully backlit with a red LED. It uses a blue LED for other features such as the Windows toggle key, the FN key, CAPS lock, SCROLL lock and NUM lock so that it is easier to know if they are toggled. The remarkable thing about the Cherry MX Board 6.0 is that the brightness can be increased or decreased by as much as 1%. I know Germans are known for precision, but this feature is certainly driving the point home much further than anything. It can also be adjusted in 10% increments which is more sensible. At full brightness, the LED is exceptionally strong and is much sharper than most other LED backlit keyboards. When the backlit LED is toggled, it does not shut down or light up instantaneously but it eases up or down smoothly.

The FN key is always backlit no matter what. The Windows key can be toggled on or off depending on the mode (when the Cherry button above the NUM lock key is pressed).

At the backside, there are channels for the cables to pass through to the left right or straight through so it is easier to place on the table. There are also rubber strips to hold the MX Board 6.0 in place with extendable legs that raise it at an angle from the rear. Although it looks like the USB cable is detachable, it is not. At least not without removing the back side panel.

Cherry MX-Board 6.0 Keyboard Review

The keyboard can also be raised at the back by 12.5mm so that users can type at a 10-degree angle. Two legs flip out towards the back which have rubber coated soles for grip as well.

Cherry MX-Board 6.0 Keyboard Review

  • FN+F1 = mute
  • FN+F2 = decrease volume
  • FN+F3 = increase volume
  • FN+F5 = decrease brightness 1%
  • FN+F6 = increase brightness 1%
  • FN+F7 = decrease brightness 10%
  • FN+F8 = increase brightness 10%
  • FN+F9 = toggle LED backlight

The four extra keys above the NUMpad are multimedia control keys and a Cherry logo key that is used for toggling Game mode (Windows key disable, faster input) and Office mode (Windows key enabled).

Cherry MX-Board 6.0 Keyboard Review

Since it is an official Cherry keyboard, the Cherry MX Board 6.0 uses standard dummy switch stabilizers instead of the wire-type. All switches use a linear Cherry MX red switch and the Cherry MX Board 6.0 is not available on any other Cherry MX switch variant. Users would have to mod the keyboard themselves if they want to switch. The keycap coating are laser etched off and the keycaps are half-height.

The wrist rest attaches quite easily via strong magnets at the center. It also has some grip coating for the user’s hands although this surface is very attractive to dust.

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