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Corsair Carbide 678C Review: A Quiet Case with a Mission

Carbide 678C

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Final Thoughts

The Carbide 678C is a Mid-Tower (Black or White) case that demonstrates fine craftsmanship of Corsair products. The majority of this case is constructed from rolled steel sheet which in combination with tempered glass window bumps the net weight of about 28Lb This is a pretty heavy bare case. Once you start adding your radiators with pumps and power supply this weight will double and you are going to end up with a hefty case. Modding options for this case are very good as you should be able to mount up to a 360mm  radiator on the top of the case and place up to 150ml reservoir in the case with ease. Carbide 678C has space for a lot of storage (3 x 2.5″ and 6 x 3.5″ drives). Since a lot of the builders use M.2 drives the 3.5″ enclosure could be removed from the system leaving an empty space for you to fill in with custom piping or a water pump. What I found odd is that after you remove the unwanted 3.5″ enclosures you are left with these rectangular holes without any covers. Doesn’t looks great if you ask me. When I was looking at the painted parts of the case, I found no issues of cracking or scratching of the paint. This is a very strong positive point in my opinion. You want a paint job to last years and when you find that case you were looking for and the paint job is “Meh” it could turn very disappointing.

Corsair Carbide 678C Review: A Quiet Case with a Mission Carbide 678C, Corsair, Mid Tower Case, tempered glass 1

But for what it is worth the case is gorgeous. Carbide 678C does not come with RGB controller however, the case would fit most RGB controllers on the market. Right now, the case is being sold for $ 199.99 USD but since it’s a new product it is difficult to find in stock at retailers at the time of this review. The Corsair Carbide 678C is absolutely worth the money spent.

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