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Corsair Carbide 678C Review: A Quiet Case with a Mission

Carbide 678C

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I love running water-cooling loops as much as the next guy. It all starts with the right case. You almost always need to visualize the final product before actually starting your project. It hasn’t been easy to find the right case for me lately. With numerous case options, you can really have a difficult time picking the starting point. Corsair Carbide 678C is a mid-tower ATX case that has many possibilities in my opinion. Some of their signature cases which leave you speechless are Obsidian 1000D and of course, Carbide SPEC-OMEGA. Does the Carbide 678C live up to its predecessors?


Review Sample Provided by: Corsair
Product Name: Carbide 678C
Price at time of review: $ 199.99 USD
Product was given in exchange for work done to produce this review.

Technical Specifications

Case Dimensions549mm x 239mm x 497mm
Maximum GPU Length370mm
Maximum PSU Length225mm
Maximum CPU Cooler Height170mm
Case Expansion Slots7+2 vertical
Case Drive Bays(x6) 3.5in (x3) 2.5in
Case Form FactorMid-Tower
Case WindowedTempered Glass
Case WarrantyTwo years
iCUE enabledNo
Case MaterialSteel, Tempered Glass
Radiator Compatibility120mm, 140mm, 240mm, 280mm, 360mm, 420mm
Compatible Corsair Liquid CoolersH55, H60, H75, H80i, H90, H100i, H105, H110i, H115i, H150i
Case Power SupplyATX (not included)
Weight13.056kg / 28.784lbs
Case Drive Bays 3.5″6
Case Drive Bays 2.5″3

As you can see from the images above the shipping box of Carbide 678C is fairly plain however, it does provide all of the necessary information about the case inside. The box is recycled friendly and only has black coloring for the imagery and lettering.

But what Carbide 678C lacks in external packaging it compensates with internal packaging. The case comes packaged in between of two plastic foam inserts and wrapped with a plastic bag to protect from any accidental damage. The case itself is 28LB or 13Kg. The shipping company, which, I shall keep nameless, dropped it and damaged the shipping box. When I peeked inside and saw the case in a perfect shape I felt instantly better.

There isn’t much that comes with Carbide 678C. An instructional manual to the case and a small box with set of miscellaneous screws and about a dozen zip ties are all that is included. .


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