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New from Corsair is a complete water cooling ecosystem named Hydro X. This new line for Corsair has been in the planning stages for quite some time and it has finally seen daylight. Modders Inc first heard about this new idea a little over a year ago and we are happy to be part of the release. From CPU and graphics card water blocks to a pump/reservoir, fittings, tubing, radiators, and coolant, the Hydro X Series offers everything you need to build a custom cooling loop. When we got the samples in we were not excepting two huge boxes. One was a box with a hard case full of CPU, GPU blocks and single pump/reservoir combo.



The second box was full of all the goodness you would need to create a full custom loop maybe even two.

Two CPU water blocks were locked away inside the hard case. Looking the same but made for purposes there is the XC7 RGB that fit the Intel 115X series of processors and the AMD AM4. The XC9 RGB water block fits the Intel 2011/2066 processors and the AMD’s TR4.

Corsair Hydro X Fittings XC7 RGB water block XC9 RBG water block

CPU Water Block 
Warranty 3 years CPU Socket Compatibility XC7: Intel 115x/ AMD AM4
XC9: Intel LGA 2011/2066/AMD sTR4
Thermal Paste Pre-applied thermal paste Cold Plate Material Nickel-Plated Copper
Fluid Chamber Material Nylon Port Thread G1/4″ BSPP
Operating Temperature 60°C coolant temperature Color Black/Silver
Lighting RGB Compatibility – Material Only mix with other copper/brass products
iCUE Compatibility  CORSAIR Commander PRO
Lighting Node PRO
Cold Plate Fins XC7: 60+

Corasir ML120 Pro Fans and Commander Pro

The core Hydro X Series components feature integrated RGB LED lighting controllable with a CORSAIR iCUE RGB lighting controller and CORSAIR iCUE software. iCUE connects all your compatible CORSAIR components and peripherals together in a single interface.

Corsair Hydro X XD5 Reservoir and Pump

The XD5 RGB Pump/Reservoir Combo delivers a strong flow for your loop because of the D5 pump. The 330ml reservoir is made of nylon with an integrated fill port. Mounted at the top of the reservoir are 10 RGB LEDs that will light up the reservoir. An included temperature sensor, that screws into the combo, will give you real-time coolant temperatures from inside your loop.

Corsair Hydro X XG7 RGB GPU Water Block

The XG7 RGB range of graphics card water blocks fit a wide variety of popular graphics cards, including NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 20-Series graphics cards. XG7 blocks included a full-length aluminum backplate and integrated RGB lighting. Pre-applied thermal material and thermal pads make for a quick and easy install.


Product Type GPU Water Block Warranty 3 year
Port Thread G1/4″ BSPP Thermal Paste Pre-applied thermal paste and pads
Cold Plate Material Nickel-Plated Copper Fluid Chamber Material PMMA
Operating Temperature 60°C coolant temperature Color Black
Lighting RGB Compatibility – Material Only mix with other copper/brass products
iCUE Compatibility  CORSAIR Commander PRO
Lighting Node PRO
Cold Plate Fins 50+
 Corsair Hydro X Fittings

Corsair Hydro X Fittings Black

Corsair Hydro X 14mm and soft tube

Corsair Hydro X XR# Radiators


The Corsair Hydro X Series has everything you need from copper-core radiators, ranging from 120mm up to 480mm, soft and hardline tubing, a wide range of fittings with a variety of angled adapters, and several vibrant colors of extensively tested coolant. The Hydro X Series was designed to fit perfectly in a wide range of CORSAIR cases. The Hydro X Series uses the standard G1/4” fittings which makes it compatible with the current custom cooling parts available.


Not sure what products to buy? Corsair has an online custom cooling configurator is now on their website. Just entering your hardware components into the configurator and it will compile a full list of the specific Hydro X Series parts needed for a custom cooling loop. You can tweak the list based on other preferences, such as overclocking.

Check it out at the Corsair HYDRO X custom cooling configurator

How did the Corsair Hydro X test out


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