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Cougar CMX V.3 850W Power Supply Review

Style means so much these days, whether it be the way we dress, or the cars we drive, or our gaming rigs sitting on our desk that no one ever sees anyway until we post pics on Face Book. Our style can say a lot about us, as a person, it can give hints about maturity and even taste in music or other interest. I know I was guilty, and I see many other custom builders do the same thing over and over again; our first build is a gaudy flashy blinking monstrosity of lights and windows. Then our second build is a polar opposite, a simple case with no frills, simply built for function. Finally, by our third build, we often have found balance between form and function, the windows allow us to peer into the beauty that is our rig, the lights are subtle but illuminate the internal workings but it is clear that we built for function and not flash. This may not always be the case, but I think you will agree it is common enough to joke about.

via Cougar CMX V.3 850W Power Supply Review.

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