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Crucial BX500 480GB SATA SSD Review

Value SSD For Everyday Use

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Final Thoughts

BX500 is one of the most affordable SATA SSD around. Our sample which is 480GB in capacity currently retails for about $ 54 USD. With recent price drops in memory chips, SSD manufacturers have to really compete for business and from what I’ve seen with BX500 it’s a good option for replacing a spinning disk in your system, especially the OS drive. With BX500 you should see an increase in boot up speeds and decent performance on a day to day basis. When looking at benchmarks without any tweaking, it’s tough to see the performance of BX500, in fact, random write performance is pretty poor on larger files but read performance was very close to being up to par with competitors. Crucial offers a free SSD optimization software to fine tune any SSDs (Crucial Storage Executive) (not reviewed here). So, if you want to get a little more out of BX500 perhaps a look at Crucial Storage Executive is in order.

BX500 480GB should be considered to be a good value SATS SSD at current prices for an everyday type of load. This is essentially a budget drive.  If you are looking to develop and publish content such as streaming or video production, I would look towards an NVMe drive or a perhaps higher performing SATA SSD.

Article Index: >>    « Benchmarking

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