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Deepcool Expands Chassis Lineup @ Computex 2017

Deepcool Expands Chassis Lineup @ Computex 2017

Deepcool’s cases were up front and center at this year’s Computex, spearheaded by the Quadstellar case which they debuted at CES 2017 in January. Also on display were the new Earlkase, Baronkase, and New Ark 90 chassis with updated RGB LED Gammax GT and Captain AIO CPU coolers.

Quadstellar Case

Deepcool Expands Chassis Lineup @ Computex 2017

The Quadstellar is the next evolutionary step after Deepcool’s Tristellar case. Instead of having three compartments, the Quadstellar features four and supports E-ATX motherboards. The original Tristellar case only supports mini-ITX mainboards so this is a big improvement. The Quadstellar case is more than just a showpiece, although it is hard to ignore how impressive it is in person. Inside are temperature sensors which is linked to the vents of the case. This allows for automatic vent control whenever the temperature reaches a critical juncture.

Deepcool Expands Chassis Lineup @ Computex 2017

The case itself measures 523 x 485 x 485mm and can house up to nine 3.5″ drives or up to twelve 2.5″ drives. Three 120mm fans are supported at the front, with support for two 120mm fans at the bottom. It also features comprehensive radiator support up to 360mm at the front or up to 240mm at the bottom. Regular CPU air coolers up to 110mm tall are supported.

The launch is expected sometime in June 2017. It will retail for $299 for the base version and $350 for the premium version. Deepcool promised at CES that the Quadstellar will actually cost less than the Tristellar and it looks like they are sticking by their promise.

Gammaxx GT RGB Cooler

Deepcool Expands Chassis Lineup @ Computex 2017

One of the more cool looking heatsinks at Computex was the Gammaxx GT RGB CPU cooler. This is a four-heatpipe heatsink similar to the Gammaxx 400 but with a stylish custom cap and RGB LED function. It is also paired with an RGB LED fan of course. The aluminum fins are 0.5mm thick which is of higher quality than most typical air coolers. Deepcool also updated the mounting mechanism and backplate compared to the previously released Gammaxx heatsink models for easier installation.

The Gammaxx GT can be controlled by the integrated inline controller or if you have an ASUS motherboard with Aura Sync feature. It will be available June 2017 and has an MSRP of only $49.99, giving many mainstream air coolers a challenge to live up to.

Earlkase RGB Case

Deepcool Expands Chassis Lineup @ Computex 2017

The Gammax GT RGB LED heatsink is actually used on the Earlkase RGB chassis showcased at the booth. Like the Quadstellar, the Earlkase RGB was also previewed at CES 2017 earlier this year. but now is in its final prototype form. This case is very distinct for its 1.0mm thick all-metal front panel, while most other cases use plastic. This case is also coated with scratch-resistant powder-coating material so it maintains its appearance.

The left side panel is a full-view tempered glass, turning the rig into a showcase build. To hide unsightly cables, the PSU chamber is covered as well as the drive chamber.

In case you have not noticed from the name yet, the Earlkase RGB also comes with an expandable RGB lighting system. One strip is fully integrated into the chassis but users can add two more with extra RGB headers available on the built-in controller. Users can also plug-in the GAMMAXX GT RGB or the Captain EX RGB series coolers into this controller.

Internally, users can mount up to 350mm radiators at the front, or up to 280mm radiators at the top. There are also mounting holes on the drive or PSU covers for mounting liquid cooling components such as reservoirs, pumps and more. It just launched on June 5 and should be showing up on retail stores soon.

Baronkase Liquid Cooling Chassis

Deepcool Expands Chassis Lineup @ Computex 2017

This is another interesting case from Deepcool this time its the Baronkase Liquid chassis. If I recall correctly from CES, this is an off-shoot of the Earlkase since it sports the integrated liquid cooling. The Earlkase is now its own design, while the new Baronkase retains the integrated liquid-cooler but is also a highly flexible chassis. Users can use the default configuration and mount a micro-ATX case inside with the power supply at the bottom.

Deepcool Expands Chassis Lineup @ Computex 2017

Another configuration in white was also on display, but this time it uses a full-size ATX case. The power supply is now positioned near the front (right behind the drive cover area), and two 120mm fans are located at the floor of the main chamber. Very neat idea and this should give modders some interesting ideas to play around with.

New Ark 90 Case

Deepcool Expands Chassis Lineup @ Computex 2017

Another case with a pre-installed liquid cooler is the New Ark 90 chassis. It supports cases up to E-ATX in size and has a 280mm radiator Captain 280EX AIO bundled and pre-installed. Similar to Deepcool’s Baronkase, specially designed flowmeter is also included. The New Ark 90 also sports an integrated RGB lighting system. This is in sync with all the other LEDs built-into the chassis. This includes the flow indicator at the front, water-block, PSU shroud and LED strip bundled.

Users can also mount their graphics card vertically through a bundled PCIe extension cable. For additional liquid cooling support, users can install radiator at the front, or at the top. Radiator sizes up to 360mm are supported for both positions.

The New Ark 90 will be launch on October 2017.

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