NVIDIA’s Press Conference at Computex 2018

Jensen Tosses Cookies and More

NVIDIA’s press conference at Computex 2018 covered a variety of topics that… won’t do a darn bit of good for your frame rates. For those of us who follow the PC gaming and enthusiast hardware industry closely, however, there were a few tantalizing nuggets. This was a small press conference with about 300-400 media present.

The press event was moved back from 10am to 1pm, which meant most of us were not able to eat lunch before the event. Jensen knew this so he bought ALL the available sandwiches that the Hyatt had. Not only did buy all of the hotel’s sandwiches, he also bought all the available snacks and cookies on the property and tossed them out to the crowd for 15-20 minutes. How often to you get to see Jensen toss his cookies? And yes, Modders-Inc got both – cookies and a sandwich – from the man himself.

Enjoy this -heavily edited- version of Jensen’s 2018 Computex Keynote.



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