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Deepcool Gamer Storm Gabriel Review

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Deepcool Gamer Storm Gabriel Review AMD, CPU Cooler, Intel, Low profile 1With the availability of smaller and faster components, we constantly push the limits on what components we can stuff into small computer systems. The mini ITX form factor for example, is sized by the motherboard which comes in a 17 cm x 17 cm. Take a  Haswell CPU and you’ve got a pretty powerful portable gaming rig. But, how do you cool it? The Haswell CPUs run hot, especially the i7 series. The stock Intel cooler maybe able to keep that CPU under the maximum temperature set by Intel. I want a little more cooling. Many vendors have mITX cooling solutions.

Deepcool brings to the table the Gamer Storm Gabriel. Deepcool is a new comer to the US market but not to the cooling industry. Deepcool has been in business since 1996 and provides cooling solutions not only to the consumer but to the Chinese government as well. The Gamer Storm Gabriel is a low profile 120 mm cooler that boasts the power to cool down 100 watt TDP CPUs.


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Intel Socket AMD Socket
LGA1156/LGA1155/LGA1150      95W FM2/FM1/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2/940/939/754              100W
Core i7/i5/i3
Pentium G
FX X8/X6/X4
Phenom II   X4/X3/X2
Phenom X4/X3
Athlon II X4/X3/X2
Athlon X2
Athlon /Athlon FX
Business Class
Overall Dimension (Without Fan) 120X118X40mm
Overall Dimension (With Fan) 120X120X60mm
Net Weight 426g
Heatpipe 4X6mm  Heatpipe
Fin Material Aluminum
Base Material Copper
Fan Dimension 120X120X20mm
Fan Speed 900±150-1800±10%RPM
Rated Current 0.21±10%A(MAX)
Power Input 2.52W
Max. Air Flow 61.93CFM
Noise 18.2~32.4dB(A)
Rated Voltage 12VDC
Operating Voltage 10.8~13.2VDC
Starting Voltage 7VDC
Bearing Type Hydro Bearing

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