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Deepcool Gamer Storm Gabriel Review

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Deep Cool GamerStorm Gabriel

The design of the Deepcool Gamer Storm Gabriel is a little unique. This design helps the cooler fit over VRMs as well as helps the cooler stay out of the way of memory modules. The shape also allows for a little more air flow across the VRMs which can help in system stability in an already restricted air flow environment.

Deep Cool GamerStorm Gabriel

The spacing of the fins plays an essential role in how well a cooler performs. The Deepcool Gamer Storm Gabriel has plenty of spacing as you can practically see through it. A fine balance is needed here. Too many fins and air flow is restricted and the CPU cooler doesn’t cool as well. To much spacing, or not enough fins and there’s not enough surface area to allow for enough heat transfer from the heat pipes to the fins to allow the liquid to condense, once again the cooler under performs.

Deep Cool GamerStorm Gabriel

The base of the Deepcool Gamer Storm Gabriel is flat has very fine marks left over from the machining process. The copper base has nickel plating to help resist oxidization.



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