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Dog Skull Wireless Mouse Case Mod

Sometimes you have to think outside of the norm and do something that no one has thought about and I can say that I have NEVER even thought about doing this. Unknown to me how this idea was thought upon, hope you had a good trip, but it is truly unique.

Dog Skull Wireless Mouse Case Mod Case Mod 1    Shannon Larratt writes… 

“I had gone to Future Shop to buy myself a new mouse and they were clearing out the Logitech V220 for $9.99 (the new model, which seems identical other than having a smaller dongle, had come in). It’s fairly compact, and uses a single AA battery for power, so I thought it would be an ideal (and low-investment should I brick it) platform to try and do some mouse modding. Over the next few weeks I created a new enclosure and mechanics using a mix of cast plastic and sculpted parts and Mechano (the metal parts) to build it, and then finished it off with hand painting.”


Dog Skull Wireless Mouse Case Mod Case Mod 2

The main shell of the mouse (ie. the skull) is cast plastic, with the silicone mold being taken off a real skull (see that below). Everything else is made out of white Apoxie Clay (a two-part epoxy-type polymer clay). 

Dog Skull Wireless Mouse Case Mod Case Mod 3

You can see all the controls, that is, the two mouse buttons which are suspended on the ends of faux bone levels, and then the scroll wheel as well as the scroll wheel button (which unlike the birthing mouse, is separate from the wheel itself).


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