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Enermax Aeolus Vegas CP007 Notebook Cooler Review

The Enermax Aeolus Vegas notebook cooling pad brings you the glitz and glam of Vegas, without the heat. The Aeolus Vegas is an aluminum / steel hybrid design meant for up to 17.3” notebooks and only weighs 5lbs. It features durable rubber corners with built in cable management that would sooner move my whole desk before sliding even an inch. The Pièce de résistance of the Aeolus Vegas is the moveable 18cm 4-color LED (blue, red, green and white) fan with four different light settings: Sparkle, All-On, Flash, or Off. The fan itself is USB 2.0 powered and features a 500mm pass-through connector so it won’t use one of your few precious USB ports.It attaches to the Aeolus Vegas’ steel mesh surface using four rare earth magnets, which makes moving the fan a breeze. Lucky for us that we know how magnets work.

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