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Enermax Introduces Equilence Mid-tower Case

Enermax EQUILENCE Constructed of 0.8 mm sturdy steel, EQUILENCE offers spacious interior design for large, high-end components

Enermax has a new mid-tower case called the Equilence. It combines tempered glass elegance with high-end component support. As the name implies, it is also designed to be functionally silent. The internal panels at the top, front and right side have noise dampening foam. This absorbs vibrations and quiets down any component noise emanating from inside.

Showcase System Build with Silent Features

Enermax EQUILENCE with 1 140mm fan and 2 120mm fan pre-installed

Unlike other silent cases however, the Equilence is also meant for showing off high-end components. Which is why the left side has a tempered glass panel. It also supports high-end liquid coolers and custom loops. The drive cage is all in the separate PSU compartment underneath. This allows the main chamber ample room to mount long graphics cards and thicker radiators. There are four designated places in fact: top, front, rear and along the side where the drive cage usually is. The PSU chamber also cleans up any extra cable clutter away from view.

Enermax EQUILENCE Glossy finish front panel for an exquisite look

The front IO of the Equilence has LED backlit ports so that users do not fumble when plugging in at the dark. These ports also come with a dust cover so it remains clean when not in use. The top area also comes off for additional ventilation. There are mounting holes underneath so if the user installs fans, they can just remove the top cover to allow air out or in.

Enermax EQUILENCE LED backlit IO panel with anti-dust rubber plugs

Enermax Equilence Pricing and Availability

The Enermax Equilence will be available starting early October first on Amazon (http://a.co/4fAJD3A) and Fry’s at MSRP $109.99.

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