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EVGA GTX 750Ti FTW Video Card Review

The EVGA GTX 750Ti is a non-reference, overclocked 750. The 750Ti from EVGA uses EVGA’s ACX cooling and utilizes a 6 pin power connector for more stable overclocking. The EVGA 750Ti has a base clock of 1189MHz with a boost clock of 1268MHz. The Memory clock is set to 5400 MHz (effective). There are 640 Cuda cores and the card utilizes a standard PCIe 3.0 bus. The GTX 750 Ti from EVGA comes replete with 2048MB of GDDR5 with a memory bit width of 128. The memory speed is 0.33ns with a bandwidth of 86.4 GB/s. The 750Ti measures 4.376” tall and 9” long and only weighs 1.35 pounds and uses two expansion slots.

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