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Freddy Krueger Node 804 Casemod by Nick Blackwell

Not since Mr. Rogers and Bing Crosby has there been a more iconic sweater-wearer than Freddy Krueger, the difference of course is that you would not want Freddy near your children. Although Bing Crosby routinely beat his kids so your kids are probably not any safer around him either; good thing he’s dead. Freddy Krueger on the other hand is more persistent seeing as how death cannot stop him and his iconic look has been ever present in everyone’s nightmares since the mid 80s. Just in time for Halloween, award-winning modder Nick Blackwell, who you may recall was in the Modders-Inc booth workshop at Quake Con 2014 demonstrating some of his modding craftsmanship, has created a fitting mod as a tribute to the Nightmare on Elm Street character.

Nick Blackwell at QuakeCon 2014
Nick Blackwell at QuakeCon 2014 with his award winning Superman casemod

The Fractal Design Node 804-based micro-ATX casemod uses an MSI Z97M Gaming motherboard (previously reviewed here at Modders-Inc) and has an impressive set of liquid cooling parts from EK Water Blocks.


FreddyKrueger9 FreddyKrueger5


On the other side of the dual-chamber Node 804, one can even find Freddy Krueger’s classic bladed glove with a customized Thermaltake power supply.

FreddyKrueger2 FreddyKrueger3

Aside from the Freddy Krueger themed mod, Nick has also taken a Thermaltake Core v1 mini-TX case, painted it white and customized it with blood-splatters on the outside as well as having a fully custom liquid cooling hardline loop inside!



CoreV1whiteblood1 CoreV1whiteblood3


Here are the two Halloween-themed mods sitting pretty at the recent South Texas Horrorcon.



More photos, details and to keep track of Nick’s upcoming projects check out Nick Blackwell’s Facebook pageModders-Inc Case Modders Facebook page and Dirty South PC Facebook page. Read Nick’s articles and reviews at the Terror-Byte Gaming website and at the Terror-Byte Gaming Facebook page. 

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