Genius Imperator Pro Illuminated Keyboard Review

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The Genius Imperator Pro is well thought out set of hardware and UI software. A positive experience using this unit i can report that features, functions, ease of use and learning, well done User Interface and cost adds up to a recommendation from this reviewer. Nothing major sticks out as a negative. I would of liked the Media Player to be invoked with the media controls, USB 3.0 instead of 2.0, multi-color illumination and a default configuration save folder assignment. The IMPERATOR comes in 2 versions the standard and the PRO version with a difference being illumination of 16 millions colors and 2 on board USB ports adding about $40 to the price tag. If you don’t need the USB ports or lighting the non pro version might be to you liking at $49.00  on Newegg. All other features appear to be the same.

This membrane key switch unit is priced below $90 usd and not expected to be mechanical in this category and the non “pro” version below $50 are both reasonably priced within this product family.


[sc:recommended_hardware_award ]


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