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Gigabyte and Aorus @ CES 2016

Gigabyte and Aorus @ CES 2016 auros, Case, ces 2016, elaine su, Enermax, Gigabyte 1

Gigabyte’s suite at CES 2016 was in a Bally’s Hotel ballroom and had on display various motherboards and video cards that Gigabyte is known for as well as products under their Aorus gaming banner and some new Enermax cases showcased.

One of the standout displays were a set of Gigabyte G1 motherboards sporting desert camouflage. These use the C230 chipset and are Intel Xeon E3-1200 v5 as well as DDR4 ECC compatible. These motherboards also sport a Killer E2300 NIC. At the center of their booth, a live overclocking event was being streamed with some of the world’s top overclockers setting records on Gigabyte hardware.

One of the main highlights at the event was this custom case by BSMODs (painted by Terra Lynn Burke) as a tribute to Elaine Su, former Enermax PR rep. Elaine passed away suddenly two years ago and this casemod tribute in sparkling pink is the perfect way to remember her legacy from her friends at Gigabyte and the community.

The case uses Enermax’ latest Ostrog ADV case and Enermax also had another cool and unique looking case on display that is of a smaller form factor.

Over at the Aorus suite, the gaming brand had several VR demo units on display including a racing sim and a first person shooter VR game that utilizes a rifle as a controller. Aorus makes several gaming laptops and one of the latest products at the suite was a portable backpack that allows users to strap the laptop behind them while playing a VR game.

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