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Gigabyte Shows-off WaterForce TRI-SLI Video Card Kit

NVIDIA’s GTX 980 may be impressive by itself but Gigabyte is taking that concept to a whole ‘nother level with the announcement of the WaterForce TRI-SLI (GV-N980X3WA-4GD) system which comprises of three GeForce GTX 980’s clocked at 1228MHz core, 1329MHz boost clock and 7000MHz memory out of the box. All cards are cooled by three independent 120mm radiators in a self-contained cooling system. Also included in the kit is a TRI-SLI support system to physically hold up the three cards in place and prevent sagging, a 5.25-inch front panel for your case from which the tubing is routed through, some grommets and a custom SLI bridge. The housing of the radiator itself has an LCD display that shows the coolant temperature and fan speeds. No further details or pricing information is available yet at this time.

Gigabyte Shows-off WaterForce TRI-SLI Video Card Kit GeForce, Gigabyte, gtx 980, Nvidia, tri-sli, waterforce 1

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