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GX Gaming Gila MMORPG / RTS Gaming Mouse Review

The Gila by Genius, a part of their GX Gaming line of PC gaming peripherals, is a mouse designed for MMO and RTS gaming. Genius, using the brand GX Gaming, has released the Gila gaming mouse which has eight additional buttons, adjustable weight, and adjustable DPI, from 200 up through 8200. The weights come in the form of six 4.5 gram round metal inserts. The cable is 1.8 meters long and comes braided for added toughness and a gold plated USB for better connection. The grips on the sides are rubberized for grip and comfort. Onboard memory of 32K prevents game block. The X and Y axis DPI are each independently adjustable, and the multiple profiles plus the fully customizable buttons make for a total of 72 different keys which can be set for macros and user preference. Finally, the lighting on the Gila comes in 3 independent sections, each fully programmable, that support 16 million different colors utilizing the RGB primary colors.

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