Lessons of Painting a PC Case

Harsh Lessons of Paint: Don’t Pray, Spray

Spray paint cans can be inconsistent. There can be insufficient pressure from a clogged stem, the nozzles can become obstructed and sputter, and sometimes you just forget to shake the can enough. Just one of these issues can lead to an inconsistent cloud of paint, and a terrible paint job filled with spatters and drips. How can one avoid such an issue? Easy; just spray the sky first.


By spraying into dead space for a second or two, you can check the flow of paint particles. You only want a clean, consistent cloud of tiny droplets- don’t use your can if you see even a hint of sputtering or large drops. This test spray also gets the paint flowing in a clean and consistent manner.

If there’s any flow issues, take off the nozzle and thoroughly clean it in isopropyl alcohol (or a similar solvent). Start by scrubbing away any visible obstructions around the nozzle. Then, let the cap soak for an hour or two in your solvent. Re-attach the nozzle and check again.

In conclusion, spray paint cans can have an inconsistent spray and it’s important to check them before use. Don’t let an uncooperative paint cloud ruin your work!


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