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How much money can you save by building your own PC

As a PC hardware enthusiast who fixes computers for people on a regular basis, I am frequently asked how much it would cost to put together a ‘brand new’ or ‘gaming’ computer that will either allow somebody to browse the internet and use office programs, or ‘be better than my games console’. There are a multiple facets to this question, and I have found that PC users are generally more willing to spend a lot of money on pre-built systems at large retail chain stores, rather than put in the time and effort to build their own for a much lower cost (and often better performance).

The purpose of this article is to compare like-for-like PCs through major suppliers of pre-built systems with purchasing the separate components and building the system at home. As evidenced below, the cost savings are huge, and completely worth the (relatively) small amount of effort involved in researching how to put them together yourself.

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