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How much RAM do I really need for gaming

What is RAM?

RAM, or ‘Memory’ is simply the amount of ‘room’ a computer system has to function with. Think of a computer system like a small office, with a desk, filing cabinet and a person sitting at the desk. The filing cabinet would be the hard drive, where all the files are stored, the person sitting at the desk would be the CPU, removing and replacing files from the filing cabinet and working on the files on the desk’s surface, which would be the RAM. The more RAM a system has, the larger the desk’s surface would be, and therefore the more room the system has to have multiple files open at the same time.

If a system has a small amount of RAM, then the CPU would have to continually read files from the hard drive, work on them in a small space, and then replace them before opening any more files. Conversely, if there is a large amount of RAM then the system can have many files open at the same time without having to continually access the hard drive.

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