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i7-6950X Broadwell-E CPU Spotted on Intel’s Website

Intel’s flagship Core i7-6950X HEDT CPU has been found listed under the downoad page for the latest Intel Management Engine, prompting people online to speculate its impending release. The long awaited successor to the Intel Core i7-5960X based on Haswell will make use of the same X99 platform and many manufacturers such as MSI have started posting BIOS updates on their product pages to reflect this as well.  Not much information is available on the product page leak other than to say that it will carry a massive 25MB cache and it is further speculated on various online outlets that it will be a 10-core CPU. Many analysts also speculate that this new flagship will sit at a higher price point than the $999 Extreme HEDT CPU, possibly retailing for $1499.

Intel i7 6950X

The Core i7-5960X was launched in August 2014 with 8 cores clocking in at 3GHz and a 20MB L3 cache. The Core i7-6950X is expected to run at 3GHz as well with a 3.5GHz Turbo having a 140W TDP. Due to the price shift, an 8-core core i7-6900K is also expected to be introduced to fit the $999 price point, clocking in at 3.2GHz with a 20MB L3 cache.


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