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Intel 660p NVMe M.2 SSD Review

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Overall, I am very happy with the performance of the 660p. I do wish I had tested the drive before I cloned it. I would have like to see the write speeds with the drive at a lower capacity. However, the drive performed very well. Every benchmark we ran, the drive exceeded the advertised read speeds. In some tests, over 300 MB/s faster than advertised. The write speeds may have been just below the advertised speed, but just barely and not anything drastic that you’d really notice. Although the 660p is slower than its closest NVMe competitor, it’s also far cheaper. The 660p is also much faster than any SATAS M.2 would be, and, believe it or not, still cheaper. At the time of this review, the 512 GB 660p is selling for $99.99 on Amazon and Newegg. One of its closest competitors, the 500 GB variant of the Samsung 860 EVO, a SATA SSD, is on sale for $107.99 from $159.99 on Amazon, when this review was written. The 660p is not only a higher capacity, be it only by 12 GB, buts its cost per GB is also cheaper. When looking at a 500 GB NVMe M.2, it’s usually closer to $170 or so. Overall, I feel the SSD 6 660p is an excellent value. It may be slower than your traditional NVMe SSD, but the cost savings is well worth the slower speeds. Especially since it’s still faster and cheaper than a SATA M.2. This is a great drive if you’re on a budget or just want some cheap, fast SSD storage.

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