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Interview with BSMODS the winners of the NVIDIA MOD24 Contest

If you are like most of us that are into computer case modding you probably spent a good amount of time watching the MOD24 event that was put on by NVIDIA. I know I watched at least 10 hours of the event. Being the first of its kind to happen in the US it introduced our hobby of case modding to a great number of people. People that might of heard about it but never really new what is was or those that have done some modding and wanted to see how in the heck could six guys make three custom cases in just 24 hours… which was 24 hours straight. Bob Stewart and Rod Rosenberg of Team BSMODS were the winners of the event. Even a few times during the show it looked like they may not complete the mod but Team BSMODS pushed through, got the case done with the hardware installed and with just about 1 minute and 43 seconds to go they got the winning system to boot  post. Take a look at the video and hear from them first hand on what it was like to be the  winners of the very first MOD24 mod contest.



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