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KBTalking Pro Black on Black Keyboard with MX Cherry Red Keys

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KBTalking Pro BlackRemember the days of having a huge white tower that seemed to have a slug as a CPU? Remember the joy and freedom of your fingers gliding across those IBM keyboards like wheels on freshly paved cement? Well guys, I think I have found that joy once again. The small company called KBTalking USA has replicated that amazing mechanical keyboard “click” better than any recently released keyboard out there and they did it with a twist.

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KBtalKing started in 2006 by a group of keyboard enthusiasts in Taiwan. The focal point has always been on the possibility of keyboards and how to make them better in every way for the user. With the new KBTalking Pro, they have accomplished that very goal with style and class. Lets start with all of the possible purchasing options they offer to allow you to add a very personal touch to your keyboard and the quality of the materials used. The KBTalking Pro Black on Black Keyboard comes in a sleek black box that houses the keyboard and all the other items needed.


 Starting with the PCB itself, it is a dual-layer circuit board which provides the ultimate durability and solder strength which virtually eliminates loose key-switch problems. The next feature I would like to point out are the plate mounted key switches. All of the key switches are mounted securely on a metal plate which goes on top of the dual-layer PCB for best feel and durability. Here is where the personal feel comes in. When you place your order you have a choice between top quality Cherry MX Red, blue, or brown key switches. This lets you decided on the “feel” of the keyboard to your very liking. I will talk about the differences between these switches in the next paragraph. As for the keycaps themselves, you have a choice between standard keycaps which sport laser etched white characters on black ABS plastic and are UV coated or the stealthier and sexy black on black keycaps which sport laser engraved black characters on black ABS plastic and are also UV coated.


Now onto the different key switches.

KBTalking Pro Black on Black Keyboard with MX Cherry Red Keys Gaming Keyboard, Keyboard 1

MX Brown switches are essentially defined by their “bump” sound. The low resistance/force these switches provide make them well suited for fast touch typists in quieter environments.

KBTalking Pro Black on Black Keyboard with MX Cherry Red Keys Gaming Keyboard, Keyboard 2

MX Blue switches are a tactical switch, which like the Brown switch, have a “bump”, but with the addition of an audible clicking mechanism. The strong tactical feel and sound leaves no doubt, so your finger can move onto the next key. The low resistance of these switches make them well suited for fast touch typists, particularly those who are nostalgic for the

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