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Lexar NQ100 480GB SSD Review

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A Closer Look at Lexar NQ100 480GB

Lexar NQ100 has a standard 2.5″ SATA format.  The SATA connections for power and data are also in the standard placement at the end of the SSD.

The entire shell is made from thin but sturdy ABS plastic.  The only metal in this SSD is the board itself and mounting holes to mount the SSD into the case.  When I opened the case I quickly found a half-sized PCB board.  Since this is a 480GB module it makes sense to see it half-sized.


Internal PCB has the controller and the RAM chips.

The RAM Chips are by Micron (NW987).  There is a total of four TLC NAND flash chips on this board each being 128Gb.  Also, note that there is no DRAM Cache in this unit.  The controller chip in NQ100 is by Lexar (DM928).  I wasn’t able to find any additional information on the controller but it appears to function without the use of cache.



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